Wednesday, October 26, 2011

WILW: Halloween Edition

Halloween Favorites - Maybe not.

Halloween will be here in t-minus 5 days. For the record, this is not my favorite holiday. Even though I'm a "mayjah" (in my Posh voice), scaredy cat - there are some things that are worth mention.

1. Wonka Bottle Caps
2. Wonka Runts
3. Reece's Pieces

I'm sure we all have a difference of opinion in this category. These are currently my top three; I have several that are not listed.

I need a scanner for this and will post pictures at a later date!
I'm not much on dressing up as an adult.  But as a kid, we had some pretty generic but cool costumes. I remember dressing up as the Statue of Liberty, a pumpkin, either a Broadway dancer or magician's assistant and Minnie Mouse.  My brother was ALF!!! {I could give away some age on this blog..ha!} We even had a bunny costume that looked almost identical to the one worn by Ralphie on A Christmas Story.  Mental note...I have GOT to find these pictures.

(Nephew Elijah 1st Halloween 2010)

Moving on..

Again, I'm not to keen on the holiday so why would I torture myself by watching the movies?  I used to get frightened by watching Unsolved Mysteries on Lifetime. If I absolutely have to watch a scary movie, I have two simple rules I follow:

1. I cannot (repeat) cannot go see it at the theatre. Honestly, I do not need an adrenaline rush or a heart attack.
2. I have to watch the movie at home DURING the day (light) with someone with me. No way will you ever catch me watching a scary flick solo!

Sorry - I don't have a favorite in this category.

Don't worry, I don't dislike everything about this holiday. Maybe Pinterest will help me with this category.

I did LOVE watching this show..but not sure if it's considered Halloween. Probably not.

So folks,while you're out having fun this weekend remember to be safe. It's okay to be a little scared!

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