Thursday, October 20, 2011


I'm proud to announce that all of my Fall decor is now in it's place. PTL!  I'll make a few changes after Halloween; you know - take the skeleton off the front door! We have lots of kiddos in the neighborhood who certainly like to trick or treat.  I'm not too keen on the "trickery" part, but the candy is a nice return on investment. I will also be watching, It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown...very soon. Who doesn't LOVE Charlie Brown??

I made out our Christmas list Thursday night. It seems like it is getting longer and longer. I've only purchased a few gifts throughout the year...I'm sure I will do some major shopping soon. My biggest gripe about shopping is trying to find the perfect gift. It's a total stressor. I guess the older I'm getting...{knocking on 30's door}, the less concerned I'm becoming about finding the 'perfect gift'. Enjoying time with family and friends is {of} most importance.

I'm really loving granola. I have always loved the yogurt parfait with granola at Chic-fil-a. However, for the amount you get - it's a little pricey.

To my surprise, I randomly discovered the caramel apple parfait from McDonald's. It's delicious and somewhat cheaper - which is always good in my book! I'm proud of my healthy eating habits...just still cannot get down with blueberries!! is becoming one of my favorite websites. It's main focus/clientele is for moms, babies and kids. Each day, they offer new sales/events that only last for 72 hours before it's gone. You have to sign up to see the merchandice, but they send you emails every day of what they plan to showcase.  Cute website for Moms looking for discounted prices on quality clothes and toys for children. Here is some of the cute suff I found for little girls!!

Go sign up now.

That's all I have folks!

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