Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve, Eve!

This has got to be the warmest Christmas season on record. It's literally t-shirt and shorts aka {skirt} kind of weather.  I have been very MIA from the blogger world. I work at a hospital....we never shut down which has it's advantages (job security) and disadvantages (never any time off).  When I do have a day off, I'm just sluggish or "lazy" by choice.

I finished my Christmas shopping around the first of December....and I feel so great about it. I decided to run a quick errand to the mall this morning, but  saw the madness. No way will I ever be a last minute shopper....ever! It's not worth the traffic, long lines, or stress. 

My family and I saw one of our favorite Christmas movies A Christmas Story performed as a play at our local community theater. (You'll shoot your eye out!) I was amazed that they were able to fit all of the scenes of the movie into the play. They even had an adult Ralphie narrating the story the same as the movie! Kudos to Greenwood Community Theater.

We had a Christmas get together with our friends. It was fun as alawys, but definately low key. We have some friends that had just had their baby a few days before who could not make it (understandably). We also had some others missing too - so it was not our usual crowd. We did have the option to wear any ugly Christmas sweater. Being that my Mom is a teacher, she was able to help Brant and myself out. Thanks, Mom!

Each year, our church has a live drive-by nativity scene. This was the first year it was not freezing cold {due to global warming} or raining. (It was also the first year we did not have any live animals, which can be a good thing.) I'm pretty sure we have a lot of prayer from our congregation about the weather prior to the event each year. Their were some answered prayers! 

Now, I hardly ever get sick, but I was one sick cookie this year. My head, throat and stomach hurt. It was not my best...and I think our Pastor felt bad for me. I just hope I did not spread the germs when wearing the costumes. Brant and I did get to play Mary and Jospeh the first night. The best part about playing Mary is that she gets to sit down.

Sorry for the darkness in the picture. The shepard on the left is my Mom, Olivia.

Since my brother and sister-in-law live in Charleston, we usually do not get a chance to spend Christmas together. We celebrated Christmas the week before with them along with our extended family on my Mom's side. It was fun. I have not downloaded my pics yet, so I will post soon. We made smores, chatted, played dirty santa and all focused our attention on my nephew Elijah as expected..he's so cute. 

We have some celebrating to do with Brant's family tonight and plan to have a low key Christmas. I'm sure I'll share more details soon.

Friday, December 9, 2011

they are precious in his sight...

Considering that I'm {not} a professional with the camera, I'm pretty proud of myself. I purchased my Nikon SLR camera last year in hopes of having the process mastered by now. However, that is a big fat fail. I honestly do not know more than the day I bought it. My mission in the next few weeks are: watch the DVD (that came with the camera) & read the manual. I'm thinking I'm missing out on so much that my camera can do. Oh well....give me another year and I should have it down pat!! 

Below is our niece & nephew - Brylie & Brayden

Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas spirit..

It's officially December! Ahh, I LOVE the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season; not to mention the music, movies and memories!  Fun times.

Brant and I adopted an Angel Tree child this year through my work. I must say, I'm pretty proud of myself. I can only {hope} our sweet girl loves her gifts. She will be rockin' with new clothes, boots & toys. I know what we have to give her is probably a fraction of what she needs. We live in a tough society in which it's very easy to identify the less fortunate.  I pray these gifts we give make it easier to "fit-in" with today's surroundings. At least we feel blessed to help out!

For some reason, I wanted to take some outdoor pictures of Brant and myself while the leaves were in full force and incredible. Since Brant and I are working on our 3rd year of our marriage, I figured we needed some 'other' pictures besides our wedding. This will probably be our last professional picture together of just "us"...tear!  No I'm not pregnant...sorry to let you down.  I'm just saying, it may be another two years before we have another professional picture together and a lot can happen during that time. I would hope to have a child or {twins} as Brant soo thinks we will have. Either way, I will be happy.

Boy..I better get off this!  Here are some sneek peeks as mentioned in the paragrah above. I cannot wait to see the others.

Our Preacher and his wife have a cottage at Connie Maxwell Children's Home here in Greenwood. Each year, he encourages our congregation to visit their campus to see the Christmas lights and take part in other activities. It's always fun, even if you just drive through...It will put you in the Christmas spirit...I promise! It is only going on through this weekend, so be sure to check it out.

Have you seen the comerical for the McDonalds McCafe Peppermint Mocha? 

We made a "pit" stop by McDonalds before going to Connie Maxwell to look at the lights last night. You know, If I'm going to look at lights, I need to have the taste of Chirstmas in my mouth. I will rate this as okay. It gets the job done...but does NOT compare to Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha....oh well~