Sunday, June 10, 2012

20 weeks

I've officially hit the 20 week mark - only 20 weeks {or less} to go! In those remaining 20 weeks I have TONS to accomplish. I would be forever and a day listing out all I need to do.  

{I'll just save that for another blog..ha!} 

Baby Anderson is now the size of a Mango. She weighs about 10 oz and is 6.5 inches long.  According to my last ultrasound she is measuring right on schedule. PTL! It's always great to hear good news - especially since I'm not the perfect epitome of health. 

How far along?   20 weeks

Maternity clothes?   Yes. I'm still able to mix some maternity with my regular clothes - with the use of the Bella band. I did put on some Bermuda shorts yesterday that I could not zip..depressing!  Oh well, it's ALL worth it! 

Symptoms?   Back pain and a few headaches. 

Stretch marks?   None! Hopefully they will stay away! I'm religious with the use of my

Sleep?  Pretty lousy.  I toss and turn a lot - due to not being comfortable. But once I'm out, I'm OUT - except for a bathroom break.

Best moment this week?   (2 weeks ago) finding out the gender. This week - deciding the nursery colors/theme. 

Movement?  I think I feel a little movement, but am not quite sure. May still be to early in the pregnancy to tell. 

Cravings?   Peanut M&M's and Popsicles.

Gender?   She's still a girl:) Sarah Olivia (Liv) Anderson

Labor Signs?   Goodness no! 

Belly button In or Out?   So in. 

What I miss?   Being productive and turkey sandwiches. 

What I'm looking forward to?   Next doctors appointment which is 2 weeks away. Oh and finally getting my maternity swimsuit from

Weekly wisdom?   Once in labor if they ask if students can observe - say NO! 

Milestones?   The bump is out and evidently grew overnight! 

Cheers to 20 weeks and the 1st published picture of the bump! 

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  1. Love the name!! And you are so cute in your ivy Jane :) love it. Congrats again!!!!