Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Remember when I said I joined the Biggest Loser at work? I am proud to say that I have not had to pay any money after two weeks!

Week 1 - lost 1.2 lbs
Week 2 - stayed the same
Week 3 - say a prayer!

I only have oh...10 more weeks to go in this challenge. I know their is NO chance of me winning, but at least I can learn some good tips along the way. I tend to eat really strict during the week and eat whatever I want on the weekends. {terrible I know.}  Food is just sooo good.  I have been blessed to remain the same size for the past 10-15 years and usually stay around 2-3 lbs over/under my norm...yes, blessed again.  I have always had a great metabolism, but I'm slowly seeing some areas

 I. don't. like.

That means, it's time to start working out.

I'm debating on joining a gym. But before I do, I'm going to try to take this challenge with use of my own personal equipment. I have an elliptical that is collecting dust, as well as, tons of workout tapes, {Jillian} and a great neighborhood to run in. Why pay, when I can achieve the same results for FREE? As a side note I was an awesome distance runner back in high school....don't know what happened?

Hopefully this "Spring-like" weather will give me the boost that I need!

In other news, I have had a lot of emotion this past week. I'm not really sure what's going on with me. I have had so many thoughts running through my mind lately. Uneasy and unsettling feelings. My heart is heavy for the ones that have lost family members, battling illnesses and facing difficult times. I find myself in constant prayer for those around me. I just have to remember to "Let go and Let God". He will take care of us and our burdens!

I just finished reading the The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. It's a great book. Who knew there are soo many dialects but only 5 languages? My top two love languages are Acts of Service and Gifts. Really strange, beacuse when I was reading the book I was certain that my top language would be Quality time.

It's a must read for all couples who are married or thinking about getting married. And...It will highly influence your ways of communicating with your spouse! Make sure your hubby reads it too.

Zulilly.com has Lappers on their website today. These make great gifts and are not a bad price $12.99. If you miss the Zulilly sale, they are on the Q as well...my other favorite website!!

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