Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

With Autumn quickly approaching, I'm dedicating this "What I'm Loving Wednesday" to my favorite season of the year!

If you LOVE creamer, You must TRY International Delight Almond Joy. It's the best! I always seem to have trouble finding a good creamer outside of the holiday season, but I have found my new love with this one. Walmart is the only place that I can find it in the value size for around $3. What can be better than that? 

However, I'm patiently waiting on the International Delight Pumpkin Pie Creamer. I wait all year long for this delicacy. The stores usually keep this creamer stocked until mid January and February...which is great for me!

I'm also loving the new OPI Fall colors. I've never been the type of person to venture far from my comfort zone, which includes nail color. I tend to play it safe with pinks, corals, reds..etc. This Fall, I'm leaning more towards the browns and natural colors. Why not? They look good on everyone else... The hardest decision I have to make is which color to choose.

My mother-in-law recently gave me a new Fall scent called "Pumpkin Marshmallow" from Scentsy. It happens to be the scent of the Month for September.  I put this in our warmer Monday evening and my husband thought I was making cupcakes!  It smells that good! 

I'm really into the Philosophy gingerbread man scent already. Although, I haven't tried the ginger hot salt body scrub I think I might give it a try very soon.  I had given some Philosophy products for Christmas gifts last year and had the gingerbread man left. For some reason, I was saving this one for myself and am glad I did! It smells wonderful!!

I just love this time of year! Football is in full gear, The new Fall tv shows are beginning,  & the wardrobe is changing.  I have always been a modest dresser, which means I get to wear my turtlenecks and favorite!  

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