Sunday, September 18, 2011

Gamecocks & Blogging

So, I have decided to venture out and start a blog as I have been wanting to for some time. I LOVE to share ideas and 'write' what's on my mind. (Side note...Pinterest has helped me a lot with some upcoming DIY crafts and projects; follow me! I'm sure I will be posting many 'ideas' soon. ) Hopefully I can gain a few friends from this new found hobby of mine. 

The University of South Carolina; not to be confused with the other university - aka Clemson, had their first home game this past Saturday. It was a very cold home opener - around 60 degrees, which is very atypical for us in South.  We have gracefully, (not easily) won these games giving us a 3-0 record which makes for one happy hubby & a nationally ranked team. I must admit, I'm proud of the Gamecocks too! They are not the same team they were 10 years ago - back when my husband and I were in our dating years.

As the girls and I were talking, the guys were off throwing the football, playing cornhole..etc - the subject of blogging came up. I love reading blogs and so did another friend of mine. We actually discussed The Pioneer Woman. If you have no idea who I'm talking about - check her out She has the best recipes and they are so easy to follow. The coolest thing about her website is that she uses still photography to show step-by-step instructions on how to make her delicious food. To make a long story short, she now has a TV show called the 'Pioneer Woman', that recently premiered on the Food Network - all because of Blogging!

I may be wishfully thinking, but maybe blogging can help me find my niche.  I love so many things but cannot find one thing to focus my expertise on.  Exploring through the blogging world might can help me...if not, at least I will gain some friends and showcase my thoughts! 

I hope my blogging debut gets better over time. In the same breath, I hope the Carolina Gamecocks get better over time too; we are playing Vanderbilt next week who is another 3-0 team.  However, I must get off here now, as my husband is making me re-watch the Carolina/Navy game on TV to see Navy's 'triple option'!

Stay tuned for more blogs!!

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