Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Favorite - Gouda Cheese

A while back I watched a Dr. Oz special on TV talking about the no good, horrible, disease of cancer. I hate that "C" word. 

Below is some of the script from the show

Eating Gouda Cheese can reduce cancer risks and here’s why. Gouda and other forms of hard cheese’s actually contain a special hormone Vitamin K2 (menaquinone, menatetrenone) that inhibits cancer growth so it prevents cancers from growing. Studies have shown that people who eat 2 slices of hard cheese a day have an overall decreased risk of developing cancers like lung cancer the number one killer of women, and prostate cancer. Hard cheeses are typically made with bacteria that ferment and vitamin K2 is a byproduct of that process.

Brant and I had deep fried Gouda at our wedding. Who knew it would help with cancer prevention??  Probably not the "deep fried" part. After watching the show, I immediately knew that I would buy Gouda cheese as opposed to the American cheese I normally buy. I was in love, UNTIL I found smoked Gouda at a specialty grocery store by the name of Corley's Market.  You can definitely taste the difference. Switch it out and make a grilled cheese sandwich or just eat it with crackers. You will never go back to your original cheese again...I promise.

So, If you're in the market for a little cancer prevention and like cheese, this is for you. I suggest you forgo the Sargento or store bought brand and invest a little more $$ to get some sliced at your local meat market. Ohhh...and don't forget to make sure that it's smoked!

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