Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tribute to Brylie

March is almost over and I have not blogged since February. BAD! {I know.} 

I promise to do better!

My precious niece Brylie just turned 4 this past Wednesday. She may be the BIG number 4, but she knows a lot more than other kids her age. See below:

Brylie has also accomplished a lot more than her twenty-nine year old aunt, {moi}.

Let me explain:

1. She can upload a picture of herself to Facebook. Well, I can do this now...because I have an iPhone. But about a month ago....I had no idea how to post a picture from my phone. I could get on Facebook but that was about the extent of it.  (Technology and a phone upgrade has helped make my life a little easier.)

2. She has defeated every level of Angry Birds. I was introduced to this game back in October by my husband, who is also obsessed with defeating every level of Angry Birds. For me, yeah it's fun...but really? I cannot spend hours upon hours on this game. I think I still have the app on my iPad, but not on my sorry Angry Birds - you win.

3. She averages 512 points a game in Words With Friends. My husband is also obsessed with this game, as are many of our friends. It's a fun game if you like Scrabble - but playing against my husband makes me soooo MAD. I'm not sure how he can get 45 point words off just 3 or 4 letters. One night, I just deleted the app off my phone accusing him of cheating. Now Brant is one smart cookie, but can he not let me ever win? Geez!

Obviously Brant stretched his Facebook post a wee bit, but majority of it is true!  (I might get upset if she averages 512 points a game in Words With Friends. Just because I actually like that game and feel that I can't play it to prove a point to my husband.) 

So it goes to show that my sweet Brylie has conquered more in the technology world than me. Besides all this technology - she also LOVES The Lion King, Justin Bieber, animals - (big & small), fishing, and American Girl. She is truly a blessing in our lives and growing up every day! 

Happy Birthday Brylie!!

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