Sunday, February 5, 2012

6 more weeks of Winter??

January has come and bizarre is that??
Time just flies nowadays.

I love February for many reasons.

 Groundhog Day 2012  
Can you believe Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow?? I'm not ready for 6 more weeks of winter. BUT from the looks of it, we never really even had a winter. I mean, how accurate can a groundhog be? His record has been pretty bad over the years. I don't even think the local forecasters can get our weather was supposed to rain all day yesterday...complete opposite - Beautiful!

I do want to watch the classic '93 movie, Groundhog Day with Bill Murray & Andie MacDowell as it is a tradition in the Anderson household. Maybe I'll find some time today before the Super Bowl.

Little late - but okay.

You can never go wrong with any 80's or early 90's movie.

Hands down.

Valentine's Day
Brant and I bought very little for each other this past Christmas. I think we are very fortunate with what we do have, that it's hard to spend money on something that we don't need.  Brant also gave me an Apple iPad back in October, so I really did not need anything for the next year or so...he he!

We usually do not spend a lot of money on Valentines Day either, but this year is different.  I love to give gifts, even more...I love to wrap gifts. I have already wrapped all of Brants' Valentines gifts, but kindly asked him not to wrap mine. Here's why: He wrapped my Shark Steam mop along with tons of compartments in the past and it was a total disaster...not to mention with the use of my "good" wrapping paper. I am obsessed with quality wrapping paper, if you're going to attempt to wrap a gift, please use cheap paper. OCD?? That's why I love him!
He has ensured me that he will be using bags this year - so no worries!

He knows everything he is getting from me. Maybe because I get soo excited about things, I offer hints to help him out. I think that's sweet of me to do so. However, the anticipation is killing me. I have asked for simple things, like a Costco membership and a camera strap. Those are fun and easy gifts, right? Either way, I'm sure he will not disappoint.

{Randomness I know.}

Biggest Loser update:
Week 3 - gained .8 lbs (boo!)
Week 4 - lost .6 lbs

Brant and I traveled to Trenton, SC to a furniture auction for Anthropologie, Free People, & Urban Outfitters on Saturday. Who knew there would be soo many people there?? They had some great rugs, couches, chairs and tables that were going for cheap. $3,000 retail for around $150-$200. I think the highest bid I heard was around $500 for like granite kitchen table which is pretty awesome.

 Yes, some pieces were damaged but nothing you couldn't work around. They had a lot of furniture to auction (around 450 items), so it was fast moving and quick. The people behind us kept saying that they had gotten many of the same pieces for a lot less at previous auctions. So, my thought is to wait it out and keep coming to the auctions - only to hope not as many people will be there! Maybe then, I can get something that is already highly discounted for much much less.

Afterwards, we left and ate BBQ in Aiken. Stuffed? YES! That is all I had yesterday and I'm still feeling awful this morning.

I'm sure tonight's Super Bowl food will not help me either.

Have a Super Sunday, everyone!


  1. Hey there! I was googling "anthropologie auction in trenton" and came across your blog. i can't find any other info on the auctions even though i've been hearing about them for a few years. can you please offer any insight such as dates, times, etc? there is a wall piece i am OBSESSED with but can't pay full retail.
    thanks a lot!
    kelley smith

  2. Hey! I located an email address on the anthropologie website and emailed them about it. Within a few days I received a reply back stating they would add me to their email list. They had one in November and another one in February. Try emailing them and if you need an address let me know!! Thanks!