Tuesday, July 31, 2012

3-hour glucose test

So I had to take the dreaded 3-hour glucose test earlier last week since I failed {let myself down} and did not pass on the first go-round. I do love sweets, which is why I'm not sure I was so surprised when I was told that my blood sugar was 139. 

Nine measly points!!

 All kinds of thoughts ran through my mind..I should have never ate those Oreo's on Sunday or spoonfuls of peanut butter the day before. But what about all the good food I've kinda/sorta eaten too?  Oh well, ultimately I'm not an awesome eater. Uh sorry Liv..I'm trying! 

I was told I needed to come back in a week for the 3-hour screening, which would be July 25th. Which also happened to fall on our 3rd year wedding anniversary.  I figured It might work out best to move the appointment to the 26th and just take (Thurs & Fri) off work along with Brant. Sounded good to me, we both could spend some quality time together and tackle some projects (packing) since we will soon be moving.

My appointment was set, I was scheduled to come to the office on Thursday, July 26th at 8:00 for the BIG test. I had a week to prepare. However, Brant's birthday was the Friday before and well, weekends are always difficult for me to eat 'proper'. I may have had a little Red Lobster and  strawberry pie (sugar-free of course) from a local bakery but I was determined that I was going to pass. I drank nothing but milk and water the entire week. {Before I was drinking chocolate milk..ha!  I can cut back!} By the way, it's amazzzing how much sugar is in our foods.  A trip to the grocery store made me more mindful to look more closely at labels. 

The day arrived for the sugar test.  I had prepared myself that if I didn't pass, it would be OKAY. I went in a little early thinking maybe I could get out a little early since we had to be in Anderson for Brant's doctor appointment by 1:00. I usually make early OB appointments so I can get in and out quickly before going to work. However on this particular Thursday, the office was packed. My theory on getting in and out might have been a bust. 

I was called back at 7:55...there was
 no. turning. back. 

My fasting blood sugar was 69. That's kinda low for a pregnant woman, but I'll take it. Since I chugged the orange sugary concoction the week before, I figured I better stick with familiar territory. I really did not have any trouble drinking the 10 ounces which is twice as much as I had the week before. It probably took me about 2 minutes flat to drink the entire bottle. Kudos! 

We live about 10 minutes away from the office so I decided to go home, rest, and come back for each sugar check. Brant graciously drove me since I didn't know how quickly my sugar would drop, etc.

The breakdown:
Hour 1 - 143 / had to be under 180
Hour 2 - 128 / had to be under 155
Hour 3 - 105 / had to be under 140

I passed!

Just a few tips I gathered

It's okay to like sweets (I personally LOVE them); just be mindful close to your glucose screening to watch your diet. Don't eat Oreo's and peanut butter..BAD!
Stick with the orange flavor.
 If you have trouble drinking the concoction, ask for a straw.
If you live close by and can go home, go home! I would have been miserable staying in the office for a total of 4 hours.
Side note: On one of my trips to/from the office, a lady had passed out in the lobby. It was a 100 degree day outside and the office was packed. I felt soo sorry for her. But, I heard her tell the doctor she did not eat or sleep well the night before. And she was pregnant. Eat well people! 

What's next for the Anderson's? 

Two words:

{birthing class}

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